A Realtor® is a National Association of Realtors® licensed sales agent who helps clients buy, sell, or rent homes and commercial properties. When working with a buyer, these agents determine their clients' budget, show them potential options, and negotiate price on their behalf. When representing a seller, Realtors® aid in determining a fair market price, showing the property to potential buyers, and presenting the seller with offers. Realtors® must take classes and pass an exam to become certified by the state in which they are working. Job responsibilities of a Realtor® include: Discover and maintain relationships with potential clients Manage paperwork, including leases, deeds, and contracts Oversee negotiations between sellers and buyers Market properties through advertising and staging open houses.


Brokers are real estate agents and Realtors® who own and manage their own real estate business. In addition to working with clients to find them a home that fits their budget, or sell their home at the appropriate price, brokers must manage their business and a team of agents. Brokers will receive a commission on all sales made by themselves or by their agents. Brokers must have a state and broker's license. A college degree is not required, but may be useful. Job responsibilities of a broker include: Maintain positive relationships with sellers, buyers, and financial institutions Assess value by visiting properties and conducting market research Assist sellers through pricing, staging, and advertising Assist buyers by taking them to properties, accurately describing homes, and negotiating price.


Unlike many other countries , in India you don't need a licence to be a property dealer or broker. Also there is no investment required at all in this business, the only..... thing needed in this business is hard work and a lot of patience. Property dealers make money by being a middleman between buyer and the seller, they find good properties which are for sale and then find the suitable client for the property. If dealer successfully sells the property he gets a commission from both the buyer as well as the seller , in some cases he gets commission only from the seller.

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